Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Party of Santa Claus

I agree with Rush Limbaugh that the Democratic Party won the election of 2012 by becoming the Party of Santa Claus. Establishment Republicans are completely in error, for example, when they insist that the GOP must alter its position on illegal immigration. Voters did not vote for President  Barack Obama on the basis that he would give illegal aliens unconditional amnesty. The different voting constituencies voted for Obama because he would give them free handouts.

President Obama shrewdly gave his constituencies assurances they would get what they wanted from him, and he succeeded in portraying Mitt Romney as the person who would take them away. Obama promised women the ongoing freedom to practice any form of sexual activity they wanted without fear that the government would take away from them their rights to kill their unwanted babies. And he portrayed Romney as someone who who would take away those rights from women. Obama succeeded.

To students Obama promised they could get a loan for college no matter what, and they voted for him. To lower classes, Obama promised Obamaphones. One woman had 200 of them. To unemployed workers, Obama promised almost unending months of unemployment compensation, that which Romney would have greatly reduced.  To Union Workers Obama promised their pensions would be subsidized by the government. And of course to all, Obama promised free health care insurance.

And America bought into the Santa Claus mentality. GOP blue-bloods have contented themselves with becoming Santa Claus Lite - as in the case of George Bush, who  pushed government-subsidized prescription drug programs. Romney would cleverly give the voters of Massachusetts RomneyCare, but he would deny those rights to the nation as a whole. But who really wants Santa Claus Lite?

When I was growing up the concern on the right was the Soviet Union's threatened takeover of the world through nuclear military might. Back in those days, the mantra on the left was, "I'd rather be Red than Dead!"

But now the mantra for those on the left has changed. It has become, "I'd rather be Fed than Free." Americans don't realize it, but when free people trade freedom for financial security, they become serfs on the Government Plantation. And that's what America has become, in large part because the left owns the educational establishment, the major news networks, and the entertainment industry. The left has successfully educated Americans into believing that those who have learned to take care of themselves exceptionally well are evil and selfish (unless they are committed leftists, of course). Leftists have succeeded in teaching many of the hoi polloi that normal people depend on the government to be their Savior. America is no longer free. We have become the country of Santa Claus. Welcome to the USSA!

Welcome to the country of Santa Claus, where the people have sold their own freedom for a loaf of bread. And an Obamaphone. And a hugely-subsidized Government Motors Volt that no one wants to own.

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