Sunday, February 24, 2013

Syria, Puppet of Iran

If there was any doubt that Iran uses Syria as a compliant base from which to attack Israel, that doubt can safely be laid to rest.

Hassan Shateri, Iranian general, was "a high ranking member of the Quds Force." He was overseeing the shipment of Russian-built SA-17 anti-aircraft missiles to Hezbollah in order to disrupt Israel's ability to fly reconnaissance missions over Lebanon.

When Israeli intelligence spotted Shateri actually joining the convoy tasked to deliver the missiles, Shateri and the convoy became a high-level target.

It was only reported last week that Shateri had died. However, his actual death occurred when Israeli forces decimated the convoy clear back in January, according to a UK report.

Of course, the Iranian press, back in January, had predictably denounced Israel's attack on Syria, but it was not really the Syrians who were the target. It was General Shateri of Iran.

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